Kirsty Lorenz

Kirsty Lorenz

Kirsty Lorenz artistKIRSTY LORENZ is inspired by flowers and through them she seeks to express something fundamental about life and living. She depicts them in different ways and contexts through painting, drawing, mixed media and installation.

Her work has grown over time from straight flower portraiture to more complex compositions and ideas. The Votive Offerings project is a series of portrayals of wild flower posies which has been ongoing since 2013. She makes and leaves posies around Scotland. She photographs them and then leaves them to be discovered.

Back at the studio she paints or draws the posies. In this, the work becomes as much about the act of making and leaving the posies in different environments, and the motif of the posy as a gift, as it is a celebration of the form of the flowers and plants portrayed.

Her Balmerino ‘Votive Offerings’ series are all posies made (and left) in early spring at Balmerino Woods on the edge of The Tay, nearby to Newport. They include Wood Anemone, Celandine, budding Chestnut, Nettle and Flowering Currant. They are all painted true to scale. 

Kirsty Lorenz studied at Goldsmiths College, London and now works from an unusual studio on Platform 2 of Ladybank Railway Station in the rural Howe of Fife. This is a still functioning A-listed Victorian station on the Dundee/Edinburgh and Perth/Edinburgh lines. Trains rumble by but Kirsty has a bright spacious place to work.

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