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  • Snow!


    Snow! It doesn't last long, at least not in our maritime influenced climate. So for the artist there is no lying late in bed when the snowflakes are falling softly on the hard earth.

  • The magic of winter


    Forecasts of snow come flagged with a warning but, for many, winter is the best season of the year, they cannot wait for snow. 

  • Going Solo — Deborah Phillips and Stephen M.Redpath


    At the openings of solo exhibitions, we generally have a large crowd with people keen to meet the artists. The gallery is a sociable place where friends arrange to meet to view exhibitions together, to discuss paintings and perhaps enjoy a glass of wine as they look round a show.

  • Summer Collection — Online at Tolquhon 2020


    Painters are painting, sculptors are sculpting, makers are making throughout the country, busy in their studios while lockdown continues. 

  • Art in the time of COVID


    Artists like everyone else are being affected in different ways by the Coronavirus lockdown. Some are fine, they are being more productive than ever, their creative drive has been given a boost. Others are finding it very difficult to get motivated.

  • Lang May Yer Lum Reek


    It has been a strange year with much political uncertainty which we feel has translated into uncertainty for people thinking of buying art. Many have held back but we have been very busy in the last few weeks so we hope people are beginning to feel confident again.

  • Christmas Gift Guide 2019


    A gift of art is a thoughtful and very special gift. What could be more personal? A painting or sculpture or perhaps a piece of studio glass, ceramics or jewellery will be unique and the cost does not have to be prohibitive. 

  • As if by magic


    What do you do, Auntie Joan? Do you just speak to people? This question prompted some thoughts about running a gallery.

  • Jolomo - Dealbhadair nan Daoine


    A fascinating documentary looking at the life and work of Jolomo was first screened on BBC Alba in 2015 and it has been repeated on a number of occasions since then, most recently on 13 June 2019.

  • John Lowrie Morrison OBE — A Tapestry of Colour


    There seems to be rather an air of gloom around at the moment. If it’s not Brexit, it’s the weather; if it’s not the weather, it’s the economy; if it’s not the economy, it’s the environment. So our upcoming exhibition could not be better timed.