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  • Paintings

    We aim to represent the best in current Scottish painting. We enjoy long relationships with our artists and a number have exhibited with us since we opened in 1987. We have ‘spotted’ artists at degree shows who have gone on to become highly collectable and we are always keen to introduce talented painters to the gallery.

  • Original Prints

    We have a wide range of original prints available in the gallery, both framed and unframed, including Etchings, Linocuts, Screenprints, Wood Engravings and Woodcuts.  What is an Original Print?  An artist makes an original print as a distinct piece of art.  It is not a copy or reproduction of an existing work.  There are traditionally four main Printmaking processes - Etching, Lithography, Relief Printing (which includes Linocuts and Wood Engraving) and Screenprinting. To these has been added Digital Printmaking. The processes of Printmaking are technically demanding and each print takes considerable time to produce, being hand printed using non-mechanical methods. More complex prints are printed a number of times, depending on the complexity of the design and the colours used. Prints are generally made in editions and these editions are a fixed number so that the buyer knows how many have been produced. These are then titled, signed and numbered by the artist.

  • Sculpture

    There is always Sculpture on show at Tolquhon both indoors and outdoors. We enjoy making use of the large garden which is enhanced by displays of sculpture. Gladys, a bronze goat by Mo Farquharson, is well known to regular visitors as she greets them at the door.

  • Studio Crafts

    Contemporary crafts feature strongly at Tolquhon Gallery. A regular wide ranging stock complements a changing exhibition programme of selected work by Scottish and British makers. Ceramics, Glass and Wood can always be seen; Jewellery, Automata, Basketware and Metalwork can be seen in special exhibitions.

  • Cards and Books

    Greeting cards with envelopes, individually wrapped in cellophane sleeves. Selected books and calendars.

  • Gift Vouchers

    Gift vouchers are an ideal way to give a piece of original art to a friend, family member or colleague, without the worry that they may not like it. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, retirals, indeed any celebration.  Vouchers come in gallery cards and we can post them to you or the recipient, including a message if you wish. They are available for any value and may be used for any gallery exhibit—painting, print, sculpture, glass, ceramics... You can buy multiple vouchers in different amounts to make up to the value you wish to give. All vouchers are valid for one year.

  • Books and calendars

    We stock a limited number of books and calendars.