The Gardens

We are in a peaceful spot at Tolquhon. The gallery has a large attractive garden and we are surrounded by rolling countryside. Set in farmland, there are woods nearby and you can see the North Sea in the distance.

The colour of the land changes with the seasons and it has a quiet beauty.

Our gardens

The Artists Garden

The garden at Tolquhon continually evolves, with interest in all seasons.

Danny is the gardener, with occasional help fromJoan. Like many artists, he loves plants and flowers, their colour, shape and form and when he is not in his studio or in the gallery, you are likely to find him in the garden. You are welcome to explore, to exchange notes and even take cuttings.

The garden is well protected from chill winds by beech hedges. It is multi-layered with mature deciduous trees, fruit trees, conifers, shrubs and climbers. Herbaceous plants are underplanted with bulbs and annuals.

In springtime there is a succession of flowering cherries in bloom, with daffodils underfoot. Rhododendrons and azaleasare in full flower during early summer when herbaceous plants also begin to bloom. In summer, roses flower, vegetables swell and strawberries and raspberries ripen.

There are some wonderful specimen trees in the garden including a striking cercidiphyllum japonicum; it has fresh, copper-tinged leaves in spring and summer and is spectacular in September. Evergreens provide structure and interest throughout the winter months when there is often heavy snow. Then in spring the cycle starts again with the first snowdrops, aconites and crocuses.

Garden sculpture


We hold regular exhibitions of sculpture in the garden and there are also some permanent residents.

Gladys the goat greets visitors at the door. Gladys is a bronze by Mo Farquharson whose sturdy back has held many a young child.

Down by the pond, Illona Morrice’s nymph sits quietly in the shade. Other pieces come and go throughout the year.

Garden wildlife


The garden is home to all sorts of wildlife. There are roe deer and badgers nearby. In spring, the pond is bubbling with frogs and tadpoles. We see foxes, the occasional red squirrel, hedgehogs, weasels, stoats, rabbits and hares. Woodpeckers, goldfinches, siskins and wagtails bring flashes of colour. If you are lucky you may see a sparrowhawk or an osprey. Red admirals, tortoiseshells and peacock butterflies flit among the flowers. The list goes on…

We hope you enjoy a visit to the gallery and take pleasure in the garden as well as the exhibitions.