About Us

Welcome to Tolquhon Gallery

Our first love has always been art, so back in 1987, we opened Tolquhon Gallery near Aberdeen as a place where people could get to know the best Scottish contemporary art in a relaxed setting. Several hundred artists, a clutch of awards, and countless exhibitions later, the gallery has made a name for itself as a showcase for established modern masters and the country’s best emerging artists. You can now enjoy all our exhibitions online but do please come and say hello at the gallery.

We feel very fortunate to be able to select and curate beautiful art for a living, selling work on artists' behalf. We are always on hand and happy to discuss the work on show.

Even the most obscure record in a music collection is likely to be owned by a dozen others. But art? Art is unique.

Our advice? Buy the art you love. Buy the art that reminds you of childhood holidays, of your daughter, your brother, the flowers that grow in your garden. Buy the painting that makes you smile, that is beautiful to you, that makes you feel inspired.

Then it will always be valuable.

Danny and Joan Ross