• The Woman Who Rode A Shark by Ailsa Ross and Amy Blackwell


The Woman Who Rode A Shark


A beautifully illustrated book about 50 remarkable women, for children from 8 years and above.

“A fresh, original compilation of adventurous women who have changed the world. A few of my favourites include Annie Londonderry, a hero to all long-distance cycling adventurers, Robyn Davidson whose feisty story became one of my favourite travel books, and Nujeen Mustafa who reminds us that living adventurously is an attitude for tackling life’s challenges, not just fun trips to the wilderness.” Alastair Humphreys, Great Adventurers

You’ve heard of Charles Darwin, Ernest Shackleton and Lawrence of Arabia. But how about Marianne North, Ada Blackjack or Isabelle Eberhardt?

From aquanauts to astronauts, treetop explorers to eagle hunters, The Woman Who Rode a Shark celebrates 50 ocean-diving, mountain-climbing, jungle-running female adventurers who’ve blazed an exceptional trail from 231 BC to today.

Through bold illustrations that combine portraits and hand-drawn maps, children can trace the ocean-soaring flights of pilot Amelia Earhart, follow Isabella Bird’s expedition up the Yangtze River, and meet Kimi Werner – the freediving chef who hitched a ride on the dorsal fin of a great white shark.

Perfect for fans of Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls and Women in ScienceThe Woman Who Rode a Shark tells the inspiring stories of women warriors, scientists, artists, athletes – and, above all, adventurers.