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  • Barbara Robertson — one of Scotland’s finest printmakers


    Barbara Robertson (Babs) sadly died this month, just days short of her 73rd birthday. Barbara was a superb printmaker, sensitive, observant, full of humour and wonderfully skilled. She was also warm, generous and great company.

  • A summer without swallows


    These wonderful warm languid summer days have made the garden a joy to be in but alas it has been tinged with more than a little sadness as an important aerial element has been missing. 

  • Dawnne McGeachy — Beaufort 12


    Dawnne McGeachy never tires of painting the sea. Her powerful seascapes have a visceral quality. Not for her, gentle waves lapping a quiet shore — the sea thunders and crashes in her intoxicating paintings.

  • Hanging the Summer Exhibition — not the Royal Academy


    Summertime and the livin’ is easy...so goes the Gershwin song. Well summer seems to have well and truly arrived this year with temperatures even in north east Scotland soaring into the high twenties. We always look forward to our Summer Exhibition as we take the opportunity to introduce new artists to the gallery.

  • We're going green


    Like everyone, it seems, we have slowly woken up to the realisation of the harm that plastics cause to the environment and the food chain.

  • A gallery in a spring garden


    We are fortunate at Tolquhon Gallery to be surrounded by open countryside and a well stocked, constantly evolving, wrap-around garden. And we enjoy sharing it with visitors.

  • Which is worse — GDPR or Brexit?


    If you are responsible for any mailing lists, you will have had the acronym GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) thrust at you from every quarter over the last few months, escalating to epidemic levels in the last few weeks and days.

  • The decadent artist in his studio — Ian Mastin


    We asked Ian Mastin if he might have a recent photograph of himself in his studio. It’s always interesting to visit an artist in their studio, to see how they paint and to view their surroundings and their latest work. But Queensland, Australia, is rather too far for an impromptu visit. 

  • Ian Mastin — Intimations of Life


    We are delighted that renowned Australian artist, Ian Mastin, returns to Tolquhon on Sunday with his first solo exhibition in the UK since 2013. Ian Mastin paints in the classical still life tradition and he has developed an international reputation. 

  • Art classes for all — Aberdeenshire


    “I can't bear thinking about missing out on my Saturday art!!” So read an email we received this morning.