Robert Pereira Hind — Out of Eden

Robert Pereira Hind — Out of Eden

When we introduce new artists to the gallery, we are looking for something distinctive, for a quality that sets them apart, whether that be subject matter, style or technique. Robert Pereira Hind is one such artist who is quite unlike any other artist we exhibit at Tolquhon.

ROBERT PEREIRA HIND is an artist photographer. In his professional photographic life, he specialises in shooting on-set stills during the filming of films, TV dramas and commercials. He has worked with numerous stars including Helen Mirren, Brian Cox, Twiggy, David Beckham, Kate Winslet and Sir Ian McKellen.


Prunus Study mixed media ROBERT PEREIRA HIND

Using his knowledge and technical expertise in photography, Robert has created a beautiful series of mixed media works titled, ‘Out of Eden’. These have been created by using acrylic paint and organic photographic pigment layered onto gilded wooden backgrounds then coated with shellac and art glazes.

The ‘Out of Eden’ series evokes the gold leaf technique reminiscent of Gustav Klimt (Woman in Gold), and 18th Century botanic flower renditions.

Woman in Gold. GUSTAV KLIMT

Gustav Klimt, Neue Galerie New York The Yorck Project (2002) 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei6

Robert's pieces are not painted but use a photographic technique cross pollinating art interpretations.  Ironically, photographs do not do them justice. They have to be seen to appreciate the subtle texture of the gold leaf background and the way it changes in the light. They are striking, yet subtle.

Robert explains that “An important element of the work is that each piece, over the years, will slowly oxidise and mature in appearance. While the pictures sit on your wall, the golden background will eventually take on a light and very beautiful tarnish and over a period of 10-20 years become atmospheric and characterful, like nature against a moody sky.

Each piece will bring colour and light to any environment as ambient light reflects from the works to exude a warm look and feel.”

Prunus Serrulata in Excelsis XIII by ROBERT PEREIRA HIND

Prunus Serrulata in Excelsis XIII  mixed media ROBERT PEREIRA HIND

Robert Pereira Hind lives in Edinburgh, and is always on the lookout for trees and wild flowers that are both visually striking and isolated. ‘I’ll wait for a day with light cloud and head out with my camera. On returning to my studio I remove all trace of context and montage several images together in the one artwork to create an individual and unique piece.”


Prunus Detail mixed media ROBERT PEREIRA HIND

The collection we have in the gallery are studies of Prunus, cherry trees. Robert beautifully captures the delicacy of cherry blossom and the graceful movement of swallows swooping among the blooms.

The rich gold leaf backgrounds are luxurious and beautifully decorative. Definitely worth coming to see.