Time for a Refresh

Time for a Refresh

We’re nothing if not canny, frugal even. It’s been only 37 years since the hall and stairway in the gallery were decorated but we thought it might be time for a refresh although the Laura Ashley wallpaper was so old, it had achieved a retro quality. We had a visitor to the gallery just a few weeks ago asking where it was from.

We did all the preparation and decorating ourselves first time around but scampering up ladders and balancing on beams is not so appealing these days. Time to call in the professionals.


A new skylight has been fitted bringing more light into the space. Re-plastering was needed so decorating became a necessity. The ceiling is now plastered and the decorator has been hard at work. The marks on the ceiling where our kids used to swing from the upstairs landing and hit the ceiling with their feet, have now gone. We are also fitting a new hanging system — no more nail holes punctuating the wallpaper like a pin cushion.

We cannot pretend it is radically different from what was there before but we want you to enjoy the paintings hanging on the walls and not be distracted by the background. A neutral backdrop suits most paintings.

Come and see what you think.

Joan Ross