Snow is not White

Snow is not White
First Snows of Winter  MOIRA FERRIER RSW  acrylic  28 x 21 cm

Snow has gone, at least for now. February has been mild, even warm.

Life in the Winterwood by ALIISA HYSLOP

Life in the Winterwood  ALIISA HYSLOP  acrylic  15 x 24 cm

Ice has melted, there is no more sliding about trying to gain traction. Ice is lots of fun for children who tumble and bounce up again, not so much for frail or older people. But the way the landscape can be transformed in winter is wonderful.

Calling in the Ponies by CATRIONA CAMPBELL

Calling in the Ponies  CATRIONA CAMPBELL  oil on board  61 x 61 cm

Snow is not white, it is clear, but as light reflects off the ice crystals, it appears white. Look more closely and you will see all sorts of colours—blue, grey, purple, gold, pink, depending on how the light hits it. In shadow, snow may appear dark blue and it changes throughout the day. Sunrise and sunset can bring extraordinary colours reflected in the snow.

First Snow, Quarryhill by JIM LIVINGSTONE
First Snow,Quarryhill  JIM LIVINGSTONE  acrylic  26 x 21 cm

Some artists avoid using white paint, they paint the colours they actually see. Many enjoy painting in winter when the light is sharp and clear and long shadows stretch across the land.

Short-eared Owl, Cairngorms by LUCY NEWTON

Short-eared Owl, Cairngorms  LUCY NEWTON  watercolour and acrylic  24 x 39 cm

Perhaps I am strange but I am hoping we will have a return of snow before the winter is out. It can be magical and many artists love snow.

Joan Ross