Puffin among the potatoes

Puffin among the potatoes

WE’RE GOING TO HAVE a busy few weeks getting the gallery ready for opening up again. Danny seems to have taken over the vestibule as a potting shed and his tatties are chitting away in the gallery. All sorts of odds and ends have gravitated to the gallery rooms as the free space is just too tempting. Ironing board, high chair, tubs of Lego...the gallery has become a bit of a dumping ground.

Chitting tatties are not what you expect to see in an art gallery or even ‘chatting tattoos’ which seem of more interest to spellcheck. Possibly you do, if conceptual art is your thing. There is lots of fantastic conceptual art but, no, we are not changing direction. By the time we open again on 1 May, the horticultural clutter and domestic jumble will have gone, the walls will be filled with art, and sculpture will be given space and restored to dignity, no more need to share the limelight with sprouting potatoes.

garden comes to gallery

We’ve both had our first vaccines and will shortly receive our second so we feel confident about opening but many people are still vulnerable so we shall be doing everything we can to keep visitors safe, restricting numbers, wearing masks, sanitising hands and surfaces.

This winter lockdown has felt much tougher than the first when we optimistically thought all would be back to normal in six weeks or so. We are fortunate that none of our family or close friends have been ill but we have friends who have lost partners and family members and others are still struggling with long COVID. It has been a horrible year but we look forward eagerly to opening our doors again, the brass polished, windows washed, flowers arranged...and tatties out in the garden, where they belong.