Snow! It doesn't last long, at least not in our maritime influenced climate. So for the artist there is no lying late in bed when the snowflakes are falling softly on the hard earth.


Snow sunrise

Sometimes ferocious gales whip up the snow into the most intricate of waves, filling the dykes and ditches and making our travel to paint very difficult.


Snow-blocked road, Tolquhon

I like it best when the snow falls gently hour by hour until each branch, twig and leaf is transformed into a new hushed world of transfigured beauty.


Snow covered branches

Snow is white or is it. In shadows it is blue or mauve or even a greenish tinge depending on the sky and cloud conditions. The white always picks up on this reflective characteristic being tinged with yellow, pink or soft grey. In a strong sunset I have even witnessed miles of snowfield turned crimson and orange — such a marvellous site but so transient, but that is its nature, beguiling and infuriating! 


Winter sunset, Tolquhon

Snow must bring out the child in me as well as the artist. I just love it!


Blog by Danny Ross