Summer Collection — Online at Tolquhon 2020

Summer Collection — Online at Tolquhon 2020


PAINTERS ARE PAINTING, sculptors are sculpting, makers are making throughout the country, busy in their studios while lockdown continues. We cannot yet invite anyone to the gallery but we wish to share wonderful paintings, sculpture and crafts so this summer, for the first time, we are hosting a virtual exhibition and it is a fabulous collection. 


Spring, River and Reeds — mixed media painting by Chris Forsey RI

Spring, River and Reeds  CHRIS FORSEY RI

The collection went live on Saturday morning and now everyone can enjoy it. It was strange having no last minute jobs to do, no need to check if paintings were hanging straight, if catalogues were in place, if sculptures had labels, if the wine was chilled, the brass plate on the door polished. Sadly there was no need to change the sign to OPEN. All we had to do was click a few buttons on the computer and all was revealed.


Stems — still life by Ann Ross



Of course, it was not quite so simple as clicking a few buttons. Artists had to take time to photograph their work, measure it carefully and email full details for us to upload to the site. Some are well versed in digital photography and image formats but it is a steep learning curve for others. We are delighted that so many artists agreed to take part.


Dunure Patterns — oil painting by Jim Wylie

Dunure Patterns  JIM WYLIE


The work remains in the artists' studios until it is sold. Most picture framers are still in lockdown so many artists cannot frame their work, which means a number of paintings in the collection are unframed. The prices reflect the lack of frame. We have an excellent picture framer locally who carries out framing in her own workshop so she has been able to continue to work and we can arrange any framing desired.


The Butt of Lewis, Fulmars by Alan  Hayman

The Butt of Lewis, Fulmars  ALAN HAYMAN


We have no idea how long it will be before we can open our doors again, the Scottish Government are being rather more cautious than the government in England but our Summer Collection will continue throughout the summer months until the end of August. New work will be added from time to time while the virtual exhibition continues. Just today we have added 5 paintings by Alan Hayman.

We know digital images cannot fully convey the quality of paintings but we hope you enjoy the virtual experience. Get in touch if you would like to know more.


Blog by Joan Ross