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Art classes at the Tolquhon Studio, Art on the Green

Published on 4/04/2017

  • Art classes at the Tolquhon Studio, Art on the Green

"My weekly class makes me happy and is the highlight of my week". So says one of the students in the art classes we run. As well as providing an opportunity to develop new techniques and hone existing skills, the classes are fun and sociable. Many a friendship has been formed in our Udny Green studio.

A new series of art classes starts soon. There are classes for all levels of ability and varying interests. There are weekday, evening and Saturday classes. So whether you have painted all your life or you have scarcely picked up a paintbrush, you will receive encouragement and advice from highly experienced tutors.


paintbrushes in art class

The classes are so popular, students come back term after term. 

"Initially I found it quite nerve-racking putting paint onto paper and having others look at my work.  I soon realised that most people in the class felt the same. The tutor is very patient, he is always enthusiastic and has the skill and ability to assist and suggest when required".

"Having the opportunity to try varied styles using acrylic paints, with guidance from an experienced teacher, has been stimulating. The company of like minded amateur artists coming together to improve and learn from each other's techniques and ideas with a shared sense of humour and camaraderie helps to focus on the positive in life".

"The classes are friendly and non threatening. If you are a newcomer to art like myself it is a very welcoming environment".

"I've gained in confidence enormously. I used to sit with paper in front of me and say, 'I can't start!'. That happens less often now. I so enjoy painting and drawing…I’ve certainly improved and I tackle a wider range of subjects".

"I hadn’t painted since school but I had been thinking about getting back to it for a long time. What have I gained? Peace, joy, space…it’s very calming and blissful, it’s fun, I’ve gained new friends".

Art classes Aberdeen and shire

The new series begins during the week beginning Monday 17 April and runs for 10 weeks until the week beginning Monday 19 June. Click here for further details. There are limited spaces available so do get in touch as soon as you can if you are interested in joining a class or if you would like to know more. 


Blog by Joan Ross



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