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Scottish Springtime

Published on 15/03/2017

  • Scottish Springtime
Scottish Springtime  MICHAEL J.ROSS  23 x 19 cm acrylic


BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL aptly describes our Spring Exhibition this year. Colour is bursting out all over. We did not specify a theme for the show but there are many spring paintings. Artists are naturally drawn to the vigour of spring, to new life, to spring flowers and fresh colour.

From a mad March hare to a Sunday lunch under an orchard of apple blossom, from a jug of pink tulips, to a bright Hebridean beach, there are images of spring throughout the exhibition.


Daffs, Lemons And Willow by Janet Cleghorn

Daffs, Lemons And Willow  JANET CLEGHORN  31 x 60 cm mixed media


Pale Visitor by Ann Ross RSW

Pale Visitor ANN ROSS RSW  21 x 19 cm  mixed media, painted assemblage and collage on linen and board


Sunday Lunch JAMES HARRIGAN oil on board

Sunday Lunch  JAMES HARRIGAN  76 x 51 cm  oil on board


Springtime, Ardnave, Islay MARION THOMSON

Springtime, Ardnave, Islay  MARION THOMSON   55 x 45 cm  oil on canvas


Still Life with Pink Tulips JENNIFER MACKENZIE

Still Life With Pink Tulips  JENNIFER MACKENZIE  51 x 51 cm oil on canvas



Snowdrops 1  PATRICIA SADLER  20 x 20 cm  acrylic on canvas


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