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Jolomo - Dealbhadair nan Daoine

Published on 26/06/2019

  • Jolomo - Dealbhadair nan Daoine

A FASCINATING DOCUMENTARY looking at the life and work of Jolomo was first screened on BBC Alba in 2015 and it has been repeated on a number of occasions since then, most recently on 13 June 2019. 

For an insight into John Lowrie Morrison’s background, his motivation and how he works, it is an absorbing film.

Jolomo (John Lowrie Morrison) returns to his Harris roots to sketch, photograph and to preach. A committed Christian, his painting and preaching are inextricably linked, his art a glorious celebration of his faith. With contributions from the director general of the National Galleries Sir John Leighton, broadcaster Cathy MacDonald and director of An Lanntair Roddy Murray, this programme asks what motivates Jolomo to keep painting Scotland in his unique style.

His exhibition, A Tapestry of Colour', continues at Tolquhon until Tuesday 9 July.




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