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Happy New Year!

Published on 9/01/2019

  • Happy New Year!
Fairy Pools, Skye - New Year's Day 2019


IT'S NEARLY TIME to open again for the year. We enjoyed a very happy family Christmas then took off west for a week, taking in the New Year on wild and windy Skye, making the most of this sublime island before summer crowds descend. 


Hebridean Dreaming, Wild And Lonely Places by Duncan MacLeod RSW

Hebridean Dreaming, Wild And Lonely Places   mixed media collage   DUNCAN MacLEOD RSW


A highlight was a walk in the Quirang. On a day when, left to our own devices, we would most probably have spent by the fireside, we were “encouraged” to get on our walking boots and waterproofs and set out. The wind was so strong as we left the car that we could scarcely stand upright but once in the shelter of the hill, the wind was more gentle until the path became  exposed again. The clouds were low so we could barely make out the fantastic rock formations but the sun broke through from time to time lighting up their mysterious forms and opening up views to the sea and beyond. 


The Quirang, Skye

The Quirang, Skye - January 2019 - just some cattle and a few sheep for company


It was a wild and exhilarating walk. We returned battered, wet, muddy, tired and hungry but invigorated. 

Time for some gentle birdwatching. We spied groups of graceful goosanders on the loch by the house where we were staying.


Male Goosander by Kathryn O'Kell

Goosander (male)  carved and painted lime  KATHRYN O'KELL


Female Goosander by Kathryn O'Kell

Goosander (female)  carved and painted lime  KATHRYN O'KELL


We enjoyed many other walks, although none quite so wild. We also managed to reverse into a ditch. But that’s another story. We were grateful to two kind Germans who helped to extricate us and we continued on our way as if nothing had happened.


Storm Approaching by Tom Shanks RSW RGI PAI

Storm Approaching  watercolour  TOM SHANKS RSW RGI PAI


Back from our adventures, it’s time to complete plans for the year ahead. We are changing our hours slightly this year as we shall be closing on Sundays and exhibition openings will be on Saturdays. During January and February, we shall open just two days each week — Fridays and Saturdays — when we shall open from 11 am to 4 pm. 

Of course, if you can only visit on a day when we are closed, then we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Just email or give us a ring. 

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2019.


Blog by Joan Ross


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