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Madeleine Hand — stories and connections

Published on 19/09/2018

  • Madeleine Hand — stories and connections
Getting Our Bearings 


MADELEINE HAND tells stories and makes connections, connections between people and connections between people and the landscape. Visitors to her exhibition who have never come across her paintings before are struck by her unique distinctive style.

Her gentle elongated figures flow into the landscapes which contain them, sinuous lines and patterns are layered in deceptively simple compositions. And her restrained palette gives a timeless feel to her paintings.


The Boat House

The Boat House


 Madeleine tends to run with themes. She spent time in Norfolk recently and a number of the paintings reflect her delight in the low lying landscape, mudflats, reed beds and singular coastal buildings.


Madeleine Hand — The Old Boating Station

The Old Boating Station


What are the figures thinking, what are they feeling as they stride across the salt marshes by the old boating station. What is their story?

Another theme is growing and harvesting. Madeleine is involved in a Community Growing Project in Dunkeld, where people grow and harvest vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs for the village markets.  


Green Fingers by Madeleine Hand

Green Fingers


In ‘Green Fingers’, even the hose on the ground forms a beautiful line in the composition and the handle of the spade draws your eye into the painting, towards the three figures as they busy themselves in the greenhouse.


Family by Madeleine Hand



Madeleine recently became a grandmother and she loves spending time with her baby granddaughter. The theme of family, of warmth and protection, is beautifully expressed in her paintings.

Madeleine Hand's exhibition continues until Tuesday 25 September.


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