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Chris Forsey and Madeleine Hand — autumn exhibition

Published on 29/08/2018

  • Chris Forsey and Madeleine Hand — autumn exhibition
Autumn Colours, Loch Clunie  CHRIS FORSEY RI


WE HAVE HAD a glorious summer. Now the first hints of autumn are appearing as we prepare our new exhibition. Many artists enjoy the richness of the season after the brash light of summer.

Chris Forsey and Madeleine Hand have both exhibited regularly at Tolquhon and each has loyal followers. They have very different approaches to painting, very different styles, but both began as illustrators. 

Chris Forsey studied art and graphics in Bristol and began his art career as an illustrator in a publisher's studio. Madeleine Hand studied Illustration at Glasgow School of Art and continues to carry out commissions.


Apple Baskets by Madeleine Hand



The discipline of the illustrator is reflected in both artists' superb drawing skills and sense of line.

Chris likes bold bright colour and textural pattern. In some of his recent work, he is veering towards abstraction, playing with colour and form.


Reflecting Autumn, Plockton by Chris Forsey RI

Reflecting Autumn, Plockton  CHRIS FORSEY RI


Madeleine’s palette is softer with more muted, quiet colour. She uses pure watercolour, skilfully worked to create complex patterns and compositions. 

Chris aims to capture a sense of place, to encapsulate how light and weather changes a landscape in a specific moment.

Madeleine’s main interest is people and their relationships; she captures moments of everyday life. Her gentle, timeless paintings are a balm in a frenetic sometimes frightening world.


The Greenhouse by Madeleine Hand



 This is a marvellous show — a highlight of the year. It opens on Sunday 2 September and continues until Tuesday 25 September.


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