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We're going green

Published on 6/06/2018

  • We're going green

LIKE EVERYONE, it seems, we have slowly woken up to the realisation of the harm that plastics cause to the environment and the food chain.

We have always recycled as much as possible, partly for environmentally friendly reasons, to reduce waste. But also because we are thrifty. Aberdonians are mythically ‘tight’ or mean — a slander perpetuated by central belt Scots. In fact, north east residents are among the most generous charitable givers in the country. In a recent survey by JustGiving, Aberdeen was the only Scottish representative in a list of the top ten most generous UK towns and cities. 

We’re just not profligate with our money, we use it wisely. Hence, we recycle and we try to get value for money. But sometimes it is worth spending a bit more.

It is important to package paintings carefully, to prevent damage, but we were concerned about the amount of bubble wrap we consume. So we were delighted to discover a source of biodegradable bubble wrap. It is more expensive than standard packaging but definitely worthwhile.

The green bubble wrap is compostable. "Once decomposition has occurred, the only by-products that remain are small amounts of CO2, H2O and biomass that serve as nutrients for soil microbes – no pollution, no landfill! The product has a totally biodegradable additive blended into the resin during production to ensure it breaks down quickly in landfill and is absorbed back into the soil with no harmful residues."

So, next time we wrap a painting for you, it will be, literally, green.


Blog by Joan Ross



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