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Spring Exhibition — or is it winter?

Published on 28/02/2018

  • Spring Exhibition — or is it winter?
Snowdrops and Ammonite  BRITA GRANSTRÖM acrylic on canvas


OFFICIALLY, according to the meteorological calendar, it’s the first day of spring tomorrow. But it’s not looking much like spring today. Winter has returned with a vengeance. Icy winds are blasting across the fields, building up deep drifts of snow. We expect we’ll have a snowplough along at some stage but, for now, the Tolquhon road is not advisable.


Blin' drift at Tolquhon February 2018 Blin' drift on the Tolquhon road 28 February 2018


Undaunted, our woodturning stove is blazing away and we are busy hanging the Spring Exhibition which is due to open on Sunday. As ever, there is a huge variety of work. There is no specific theme but a number of paintings do speak of spring. There are crocuses, snowdrops, daffodils, bluebells…such wonderful colour.


Springtime — oil painting by Marion Drummond

Springtime  MARION DRUMMOND  oil on board


But there are also landscapes, seascapes, still life, figures, birds and animals, abstract paintings. Once the exhibition is hung, it will be time to update the website.


Busy Waves, Tangy Kintyre — original painting by Gillian Goodheir

Busy Waves, Tangy Kintyre  GILLIAN GOODHEIR  gouache

If the ‘beast from the east’ continues to grip us until Sunday, we’ll hold the opening of the exhibition the following Sunday, 11 March. By then, I’m sure, the aconites and snowdrops and crocuses in the garden will have recovered and will emerge more beautiful than ever. The exhibition continues until Tuesday 17 April when, surely, winter will be over.


Snowdrops at Tolquhon

Snowdrops at Tolquhon


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