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Snowscape paintings

Published on 17/01/2018

  • Snowscape paintings
Snow Trotters  CATRIONA CAMPBELL oil on board 38 x 38 cm


SNOW SEEMS TO BE the main topic of this week’s news. It brings misery to many but joy to others.

While children enjoy days off school sledging, making snowmen, having snowball fights, and skiers make for the slopes or across country, many artists head out, gathering material and impressions for future paintings.

We rather enjoy snow at Tolquhon and we love snowscapes. We had some beautiful days before Christmas when snow lay thick and soft. It has bypassed north east Scotland this week but we have some wonderful winter paintings to enjoy in the gallery, each quite different from the next.


Through the White Winter Woods by Aliisa Hyslop Through the White Winter Woods  ALIISA HYSLOP  acrylic on board  25 x 35 cm


Soft and dreamlike, Aliisa Hyslop's figures are in their own magical world as the snow falls quietly in the moonlit birch wood.


Hard Winter, Loch Cluanie by Gillian Goodheir

Hard Winter, Loch Cluanie  GILLIAN GOODHEIR  gouache  33 x 40 cm


Gillian Goodheir captures the intense, piercing blue of a clear, cold winter sky in the highlands of Scotland. Snowy mountains and trees are reflected on the loch.


Galloway Winter by Fiona Millar

Galloway Winter  FIONA MILAR  acrylic on board  34 x 25 cm  


Fiona Millar's belted Galloway cattle create marvellous patterns against the snow covered house and the hills. Her subtle palette and sense of design makes a decorative, appealing painting.


Snow by James Orr

Snow  JAMES ORR  acrylic on board  35 x 30 cm


If we think of snow, we think it is cold and white but James Orr's painting is full of colour and it somehow feels warm. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, birds are wheeling around, sheltering trees display copper colours.  It is a welcoming scene.


Winter Visitor by WINIFRED FERGUS
Winter Path  WINIFRED FERGUS  acrylic on board  37 x 55 cm


You can feel the movement of the winter fox as it speeds through the snow, ears back, fur bristling. Winifred Fergus's paintings are always beautifully observed, she captures the intensity of the animal.


Winter Field by Helen Tabor

Winter Field  HELEN TABOR  oil on canvas  41 x 36 cm


Helen Tabor's expressive, semi-abstract landscape is full of life, built on layers of paint with bold brush strokes and patterns scraped through. Her subject matter is all around her in the Scottish borders and she is inspired by the great Scottish painters of the twentieth century including Joan Eardley, Anne Redpath and William Gillies.


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