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New arrivals — Kirstie Cohen and Lesley Mclaren

Published on 6/12/2017

  • New arrivals — Kirstie Cohen and Lesley Mclaren
Snow Cloud  KIRSTIE COHEN  50 x 55 cm  oil on board  £1290


WE HAVE HAD NEW WORK arriving throughout November and December, so our Christmas Exhibition has  been constantly changing.

Freshly released from their bubble wrap are four wonderful new Kirstie Cohen paintings.

Kirstie builds up her paintings with layer upon layer of glazes, laying one layer of oil paint over another as it dries. She paints powerful landscapes to the point of abstraction but always expressive of mountains, moors or oceans. She reflects her visceral response to her surroundings in the highlands of Scotland, where she lives, and to the constantly changing atmospheric conditions in the north of Scotland. Huge skies and often threatening clouds create drama in her paintings. Rich colour and texture bring her paintings to life.


Cloud Rising by Kirstie Cohen

Cloud Rising  KIRSTIE COHEN  45 x 50 cm  oil on  board  £1290


Another two paintings which did not make it in time for the opening of our Christmas show are 'Birds and Birches' and 'Night Owl' by Lesley Mclaren.


Birds and birches by Lesley McLaren

Birds and Birches  LESLEY McLAREN   60 x 360 cm oil on gesso panel  £900 


Lesley created these two ambitious paintings especially for the show. They both involve complex composition and fabulous detail so she was working on them until the last minute. Unfortunately, the courier let us down and they arrived late but they both reward close attention. You feel you could bend down to pick the flowers in 'Birds and Birches' or reach to ruffle the feathers on the barn owl's breast in 'Night Owl'.


Night Owl by Lesley McLaren

Night Owl  LESLEY McLAREN   60 x 50 cm oil on gesso panel  £1200 


Both paintings have a dreamlike quality; reality is enhanced and every element tells a story. Lesley expresses a sense of joy and wonder in the natural world. 

With my window scenes I try to bring the outside in so that there is a merging of environments; perhaps a blackbird or barn owl who tries his luck or a creeping vine meandering towards the window sill. A large bouquet of flowers deepens the link between interior and exterior. Usually a table holds carefully placed individual objects, each with its own story to tell, but also part of the whole coming together of the scene. There’s an entire lifetime of inspiration in all the things I love.


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