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Christmas Exhibition 2017

Published on 29/11/2017

  • Christmas Exhibition 2017
Circus  CATRIONA CAMPBELL  46 x 46 cm oil on board  £1800


CHRISTMAS IS COMING and our annual Christmas Exhibition is now well underway. Our very first exhibition at Tolquhon in 1987 was a Christmas Exhibition and we have held one every year since.

They have all been lively mixed shows with work from a wide range of artists whom we exhibit throughout the year. Sometimes their work has a winter theme but generally anything goes and this year’s show is as full of life and energy as ever.

Until the work arrives we do not know what we will be hanging on the walls so it as exciting for us as it is for everyone else.


Sheep on the Shore by James Harrigan

Sheep On the Shore JAMES HARRIGAN 61 x 51 cm oil on board £2500


This year, there are bold, punchy colourful oil paintings from artists including Catriona Campbell, James Harrigan, Jacqueline Orr RGI PAI, Jim Wylie and Mhairi McGregor RSW.



Le Diben, Brittany JACQUELINE ORR RSW RGI PAI 29 x 25 cm oil on board £1250



Pink Roses MHAIRI McGREGOR RSW 25 x 25 cm oil on board £1250


Then there are quieter watercolours by artists including Donald Murray, Madeleine Hand, Moira Ferrier RSW and Jenny Matthews.


Ebb Tide Reflections, Arisaig by DONALD MURRAY
Ebb Tide Reflections, Arisaig DONALD MURRAY 16 x 10 cm watercolour £150


Wheelbarrow by Madeleine Hand
Wheelbarrow MADELEINE HAND 31 x 31 cm watercolour £390


Dusk MOIRA FERRIER RSW 27 x 20 cm watercolour £375


And there is everything in between, in acrylic, gouache and mixed media including exquisite still life by Ian Mastin, mixed media interiors by James Fraser RSW and collage by Ingebjorg Smith.


Just Hanging On by Ian Mastin
Just Hanging On IAN MASTIN 25 x 30 cm acrylic £1400


Everything Stops for Tea by JAMES FRASER RSW
Everything Stops for Tea JAMES FRASER RSW 25 x 25 cm mixed media £450


Willow River Mergansers by INGEBJORG SMITH
Willow River Mergansers INGEBJORG SMITH 57 x 57 cm mixed media £850


As well as paintings, there is sculpture and original prints, ceramics, jewellery, glass and wood. The exhibition continues until 19 December and we can arrange delivery of any pieces in good time for Christmas.


Blog by Joan Ross



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