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Painting of the week — Autumn Colours

Published on 25/10/2017

  • Painting of the week — Autumn Colours

Autumn Colours  GILLIAN GOODHEIR  


We recently spent a few days in Sutherland where the autumn colours were breathtaking; on a still afternoon, the reflections off the lochs were mirror perfect. Storms had not yet stripped the trees of their leaves and the wooded glens were spectacular.

Birches take on a bright golden yellow hue as the leaves change colour, aspens too and bracken underfoot turns red brown. Geans (wild cherry trees) clamour for attention with their brilliant crimson orange colours.

In ‘Autumn Colours’, Gillian Goodheir beautifully expresses the mood of the season in the Scottish highlands. The birch trees by the shore are losing their leaves, exposing their silver trunks and their fine, graceful branches. The loch reflects blue skies with drifting clouds and the dark hills and the rocks on the foreshore frame the scene.

This deceptively simple gouache painting exudes autumn in the highlands.


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