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Garry Harper — The First Steps of a Story

Published on 6/09/2017

  • Garry Harper — The First Steps of a Story
Touch of the Orient  GARRY HARPER  145 x 100 cm mixed media


THE GALLERY is populated by a cast of intriguing characters this month. 

Garry Harper has always been fascinated by film and the moving image. A graduate of Glasgow School of Art, his fascination led him to work as a designer for television for 20 years before taking the leap to paint full-time. His love of film is apparent in much of his work as he creates paintings full of drama and light and shade.


I've Always Been Here GARRY HARPER

I've Always Been Here  GARRY HARPER  60 x 80 cm mixed media


We have exhibited Garry Harper's work for a number of years and it is always fascinating to visit his Glasgow studio. There are arresting images on the walls, some on a grand scale, studies on his easel and all sorts of work in progress; we are delighted to now have the opportunity to host a solo show of his work for the first time.


I'll Be Waiting for You GARRY HARPER

I'll Be Waiting For You  GARRY HARPER  61 x 80 cm acrylic on board


Garry particularly enjoys painting figures and his figures always suggest a narrative. You could weave a different story each time you look at one of his paintings — the only limit is your imagination. The figures may be inspired by real people but they are not portraits, rather they speak to the human condition. 


The Bee Charmer  GARRY HARPER

The Bee Charmer  GARRY HARPER 57 x 44 cm  acrylic on board


His paintings often have a visceral impact with strong colours and striking forms; others are softer, evoking glamour and nostalgia. They are never glitzy or tawdry.


Pearls are My Favourite GARRY HARPER

Pearls Are My Favourite  GARRY HARPER  61 x 61 cm  oil on board


He aims to evoke memories and capture glimpses of the past that he hopes spark the viewer's imagination providing the first steps of a story. You can tell he loves to paint and loves to experiment. He is never tied down to one style or one subject, he enjoys embracing new techniques and trying out new materials. A number of his paintings use gold leaf to great effect.



Sunday Best  GARRY HARPER  17 x 19 cm mixed media


As well as figures, Garry enjoys painting landscapes and still life. There are two striking paintings of lighthouses in the exhibition and also seascapes. 


Scurdie Ness Lighthouse GARRY HARPER

Scurdie Ness Lighthouse  GARRY HARPER  76 x 76 cm acrylic on canvas


It is a wonderful exhibition to become immersed in, to let your imagination flow among his cast of characters.

GARRY HARPER — The First Steps of a Story runs from 3 to 26 September.


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