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Summer Exhibition 2017

Published on 28/06/2017

  • Summer Exhibition 2017
Windbreaks  acrylic on board  JAMES ORR


LAST SUMMER we wrote that it was a strange summer, strange and unsettling…'with political turmoil, sporting upsets and economic uncertainty, it seems each day brings another shock.' Well, one year on, if anything, things are even more unsettled. So it’s good to take some time out, enjoy summer days and enjoy some wonderful paintings. Celebrate artists’ imagination and skill.   


Marion Drummond — First Roses

First Roses  oil on board  MARION DRUMMOND


We are at the juggling stage, hanging and re-hanging, moving paintings around, trying them on one wall, moving them to another. It all takes time but they will all be hung by Sunday and it is going to be an excellent show. There are more than 30 artists with a number who are new to the gallery as well as regular exhibitors.   


James Fraser — Battenberg and Brew

Battenberg and Brew  mixed media  JAMES FRASER


The exhibition opens on Sunday 1 July from 2 pm to 5 pm and the show continues until Sunday 13 August. There will be strawberries and prosecco on Sunday, if you can make it to the opening. Let’s hope the sun shines and you can enjoy the sculpture in the garden as well as the paintings on the walls.  


James Harrigan — Sand's Yacht
Sandy's Yacht  oil on board  JAMES HARRIGAN


 Once the exhibition is hanging, we shall be working on the website and the whole show will be online as soon as possible. There is no uncertainty about the quality of the work on show.


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