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 Alan Hayman

ALAN HAYMAN is one of Scotland's leading landscape and wildlife artists. He has had no formal training in art. He has become the artist known today through his own study and knowledge of his subject. He employs a range of technique and styles and displays remarkable versatility in varied mediums.

Painting is his life and Alan Hayman feels that he was born to paint. He was born in Montrose and spent his early childhood around Montrose Basin and began studying and drawing the varied bird life around the basin from an early age when most of his peers were still playing with building blocks.

After living for many years in Glen Lyon, he now lives in remote Morvern on Scotland's west coast where he uses his boat to access supplies. His ambition is now to buy a bigger boat to allow him to sail further. He dreams about exploring St Kilda and some of the more remote islands of the Shetlands sometime in the future, but that is another story yet to be told.

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