Kittie Jones

KITTIE JONES grew up in Cumbria. She studied for an MA in Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh University. Since graduating in 2008, she has continued to work as an artist creating prints as well as drawings and paintings, all inspired by British nature and man's relationship to it. Kittie also teaches drawing, painting and printmaking. She regularly exhibits her work throughout the United Kingdom.

'I am interested in the interaction between man and nature; this leads me to depict birds in my work. Birds form a direct relationship with man - wherever we are, there are always birds to be seen. Birds have captured man's imagination for thousands of years and form a large part of our mythology. 

When I am initially researching a bird or animal I like to draw and experience it directly from life. The immediacy of this working method means you have to work quickly and be prepared to make a lot of sketches to get the information you need. The first few drawings of any particular bird are always clumsy and then you start getting a feel for its particular shape and movement. 

I like to make work that contains a narrative; this is helped by bringing out a sense of character and purpose in the creatures that I draw. Back in the studio I work up my drawings into designs for prints. I like the technique of screen printing because of the saturated colours and the ability to layer colour.'

Kittie Jones is currently building up a British Birds series of screen prints.


25 x 25 cm

unframed screenprint

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