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 Jim Wylie

JIM WYLIE, a native of Glasgow, is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art where he studied Drawing and Painting under such prominent figures as Willie Armour, Geoff Squires, Sinclair Thomson, and Duncan Shanks. The grounding he received in composition and in colour in the true Glasgow tradition has remained a mainstay of his work.
Wylie now lives and works in Ayrshire where the surrounding farmland provides a continuing inspiration for his striking landscape paintings.  The fields, hedgerows, trees and country roads form the basic vocabulary of his descriptions.  It is undulating landscape where it seems that every hill is surmounted by a lonely farm steading, with each farm framed by its own little group of trees in stark outline against the ever-changing sky.  Inspiration too is taken from the Ayrshire coast, from the bustling port of Troon, past the quiet fishing village of Dunure and the craggy grandeur of Culzean, across the verdant splendour of Turnberry links, to the busy harbour and boatyards of Girvan.
His landscape work is characterised by its use of strong, clean colour demonstrating a variety of techniques from skilfully controlled brushwork to bold palette knife application. Earlier developments in his work led away from a concentration on form and structure to a greater awareness of surface and a tendency towards stronger and purer use of colour.  Wylie says of his own work, "My main understanding of painting has always been through line, form and structure.  Things like colour and texture for a long time had been something of a mystery.  My struggle to come to grips with colour has led to an increased use of strong local colour, and this in turn has led to greater experimentation with surface quality. Form and structure, however, are always present ghosts - things which I frequently try to deny, but can never completely escape from".  He takes a particular pride in the craftsmanship of his paintings and this is apparent in the exciting compositions, in the unusual colour combinations and in the care with which paint is applied to canvas.
Wylie exhibits in a variety of independent galleries across Scotland. He is a member of Paisley Art Institute and contributes regularly to the annual exhibition, one of the largest of its kind outside Glasgow or Edinburgh, where he has been awarded prizes on two occasions. He is also a member of a co-operative of established painters, The Glasgow Group, which was established in 1957 and is the oldest artists' co-operative group in Scotland.

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