A wonderful mix of styles and media and subjects in the Summer Exhibition at Tolquhon Gallery, Aberdeenshire.

20 July to 31 August 

Summer is here, a time of sunshine and ease. Our Summer Exhibition is a wonderful mix of styles and media and subjects. Artists taking part include Gwen Adair, Ann Armstrong, Janet Cleghorn, Tim Cockburn, Kirstie Cohen, Ann Cowan, Andy Cross, Marion Drummond, Winifred Fergus, Moira Ferrier RSW, James Fraser RSW, Helen Fryer, Gillian Goodheir, Garry Harper, James Harrigan, Wendy Houston, D.E.Johnston RSW, Jim Livingstone, Robert Mach, Ian Mastin, Donald Macdonald, Duncan MacLeod RSW, Mhairi McGregor RSW, Charles MacQueen RSW RGI, Fiona Millar, Donald Murray, Jacqueline Orr RSW RGI PAI, Deborah Phillips, Ann Ross RSW, Patricia Sadler, Kitty Watt, Maggie Williams, Christine Woodside RSW RGI and Jim Wylie.

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