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 Lesley D.McKenzie

LESLEY D.McKENZIE was born in Aberdeen in 1967 and has lived and worked there ever since.  Initially trained as a graphic artist, she is now best known as a sculptor, particularly of animals. Her  love of animals is wonderfully conveyed through her work. She has an intuitive understanding of anatomy and her ability to convey the character of each chosen subject results in unique and captivating pieces. 

Her Raku fired ceramic animal sculptures are all one off, hand built originals; they are made using an earthenware clay which Lesley mixes to her own specifications. The Sculptures are hollow, formed by wrapping clay around paper stuffing to create the basic body shape and then adding legs etc.  The sculpture is often propped up until the clay has hardened enough for the props to be removed and the sculpture is finished off.  The dried sculpture is then raku fired, resulting in a lifelike natural finish and a wonderful crackle glaze.

Lesley has won a number of medals and awards for her work.  She exhibits widely and has undertaken many commissions.  

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