Summer Exhibition at Tolquhon Gallery

12 July to 25 August 2015

Summer is here and it is time for our annual Summer Exhibition. It is a wonderfully colourful show with a very wide range of work.

Artists taking part include Anne Anderson, Kelly-anne Cairns, Janet Cleghorn, Andy Cross, Marion Drummond, Moira Ferrier RSW, Claire Harkess RSW, Rodger Insh, Garry Harper, James Harrigan, Wendy Houston, D.E.Johnston, Jennifer Mackenzie, Duncan Macleod RSW, Ian Mastin, Jenny Matthews, Drummond Mayo, Mhairi McGregor RSW, Lesley McLaren, Illona Morrice, George Muir, James Orr, Alexander Robb, Michael J.Ross, Patricia Sadler, Erlend Tait, Marion Thomson, Alan S.Watson, Maggie Williams and Jim Wylie.

Items 1 to 12 of 46 in total