Marion Thomson

Marion Thomson

MARION THOMSON studied at Glasgow School of Art and Glasgow University, graduating in 1981.  She subsequently  worked as a freelance costume designer in theatre, film and television, while continuing to paint.  Her work is now exhibited widely throughout Scotland and in a number of London galleries. 

"For as long as I can remember, the Outer Hebrides and the western seaboard of Scotland have been a source of inspiration and delight to me.  The  unique qualities of that landscape  - its remoteness, its sense of rugged endurance contrasted with the delicacy of certain shorelines, the physical isolation of the people and their homes - all create a powerful drama that draws me back again and again. 

The familiar landscape closer to home - the Campsie Fells rising over little  fields and burns and pockets of moorland - have different qualities.  Here the drama is more human, where dykes and hedges and farms reveal our relationship with the land.  And always the hills of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs on the skyline beyond.

My work tries to focus on moments in these contrasting dramas - combinations of light and weather, time of day or season playing on the landscape, fleeting changes that create the sense of space and the atmosphere of these places.

The use of colour, in subtly expressive ways, reveals and accentuates these qualities, that blend of romantic grandeur with the realities of sea and rain and clouds and sun.  The depth and luminosity of colour in these landscapes can be surprising and the medium of oil paint helps me to find this in my work."

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