Peter Foyle

Peter Foyle

PETER FOYLE lives in Ayrshire but is originally from Dorset. He studied at St Martin's, London, graduating in 1986. He practised as a freelance artist and illustrator till 1990 when he moved with his wife to Scotland.  

As a teenager in Dorset, Peter could be seen cycling around the country lanes with his easel and paints strapped to his bicycle as he sought out interesting subjects to paint “en plein air.”  He won awards and sold a number of paintings and completed several commissions while still at school.

Peter is known for depicting the sparkling light of Venice and the sun-dappled cafes of Provence but he is also inspired by the rural landscapes of Scotland and its harbours and coastlines. Still Life painting has recently been a source of inspiration, especially during Covid lockdowns. Whereas some artists concentrate on one subject throughout their painting career, Peter prefers to paint whatever gives him a sense of visual excitement, usually because of a special quality of light. His ability to capture light results in rich vibrant paintings.

He paints almost entirely in oil on Belgian linen but occasionally produces watercolours, especially as sketches when travelling. 

“I see my work as drawings in paint, working quickly and freely across the whole canvas. I try to convey an impression of the atmosphere and light rather than a detailed description of the subject. In particular, I’m inspired by the way light and reflections can play across ordinary objects and familiar places, giving them a fresh beauty.”

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