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 Chris Forsey RI

CHRISTOPHER FORSEY began his art career as an illustrator in a publisher's studio after studying art and graphics in Bristol. He enjoys experimenting with paint which has led him towards a mixed-media approach to his work, combining watercolour, acrylic, pastel and gouache. He is exhilarated by colour and surface and enjoys creating textured layers of dry-brushed colour that allow hints of complementary hue to glow through, thus creating an exciting surface of scattered, broken colour.

He specialises in landscape subjects, exploring the themes of man-made alongside the organic: buildings by water; structure emerging from a rocky cliff, sometimes with figures contributing to this theme, inhabiting the middle ground between buildings and the wildness of nature. He is inspired by downland, coastal scenes of the UK and the Mediterranean, cafe life and townscapes. He tries to capture the sense of a place at a specific moment, season or time of day, always endeavouring to bring passion and immediacy to his work.

Chris was awarded the prestigious F.Donald Blake Award for a contemporary watercolour by the Lincoln Joyce Gallery in 2006at the RI Spring Exhibition and also the Matt Bruce Memorial Award for light and colour at the 2007 RI exhibition.  Chris was elected a member of the Royal Society of Painters in Watercolours (the RI) in 2010.  He is also a member of The Society of Graphic Fine Art.

"My approach to painting in acrylic owes a lot to my experimentation in watercolour and move towards a more mixed media technique. My preference for a surface that will take a lot of manipulation e.g. scratching, lifting, rubbing etc means that I would prefer to work on a board rather than paper and have recently began to work on canvas. As with watercolour and mixed media, I enjoy using techniques that promote texture and interesting and unpredictable paint surfaces. Colours are limited and chosen with care for each painting, consideration being given to colour harmonies, analogous and complementary colour combinations. The paint, as with my mixed media work, is applied using large brushes, palette knife, card, rag, sponge and finger and I use glazes of colour to build density of hue and tone to produce an interesting layered appearance to the work."


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