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 Kirstie Cohen

Kirstie CohenKIRSTIE COHEN infuses landscape with the mysterious atmosphere of the Scottish hills and coast.  Born in Edinburgh and raised in North Berwick, Kirstie’s work has been influenced by the sweeping panoramas of the east coast as well as the Highlands where she now lives.

"My painting lies within the context of the northern romantic landscape tradition.  I try and convey the essence of land, sea and sky and express a sense of space light or mood of the moment rather than depict a specific location as this creates a boundary that restricts the process of developing the work.  It is overall a more emotional cathartic response.  The ongoing process of applying paint to canvas, gradually building layer upon layer, eventually evolves its own luminosity and depth.  It is a process that is continual and vital in all its hidden frustrations.  The elemental ideas of diffusion, suspension and reflection are key concerns, contributing to the final dynamic of the painting."

Kirstie is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art where she also completed post graduate studies.

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