Marion Drummond

Marion Drummond

MARION DRUMMOND was born in Glasgow in 1958.  Largely self-taught as an artist, she acknowledges benefiting greatly from attending life classes under Christine Ironside, Drummond Mayo and Ann Johnston. In 2007 she was named by the Glasgow Herald as one of the top 50 Scottish artists in whom to invest.  

"I would probably describe myself as a representational artist and my focus is on light. My subject matter is always real and studied; number of petals of any flower observed. Subject matter changes from life, still life to landscape, though I would tend to describe the latter more as weather-scape. When painting life I am looking for mood and presence and for the skin to breathe. With still life the colours are all there so I am looking for light, while with landscape I am looking at the time of day and the weather. Painting landscape in Scotland for me has to be done with speed as the light changes so frequently and I have to take pastel sketches and re-visit the site at the same time of day on a similar day weather-wise to properly work on a piece.

I used to paint with a knife but now tend to work quickly with fingers and rags, a method I adopted for working on life. I sculpt the paint, feeling my way and mixing on the board for speed and spontaneity and, whilst I am aware that the paint is toxic, I cannot feel anything like the same excitement when working with brushes."

Marion Drummond exhibits widely and her paintings are in private and corporate collections across Europe. 

oil on board

77.5 x 57.5 cm

framed size  97 x 76 cm

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