Zarina Stewart-Clark

ZARINA STEWART CLARK is predominantly a landscape painter, working in egg tempera on traditional gesso ground and more recently in oils.  She is concerned with the fall of light and darkness in landscape, the evocation of place and the spirituality of landscape.  Her Dutch and Scottish ancestry has inspired her approach to painting.  She is particularly influenced by the Dutch 17th Century landscape painters.  Her travels across Scotland and Suffolk remain her greatest inspiration where the changing light and great skies are so integral to her work.  

Initially trained as a nurse, after completing her training, she studied Foundation Art at the Kensington & Chelsea College of Art. She has painted and exhibited professionally ever since.  "Egg tempera allows me to use very thin washes of transparent colour.  I can build these layers up to capture the veiled effects of light in landscape.  As I use dry pigment, mixed with pure egg yolk, the colour remains very pure and luminous.  I apply the medium onto hand prepared gesso boards (often 7-10 layers of gesso on a panel).  The layers of paint are applied in glazes and rubbed back repeatedly, to allow the light to radiate from within the picture."

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