Gillian Goodheir

Gillian Goodheir

GILLIAN GOODHEIR has always been one of the best-loved artists at Tolquhon.  She was born in Glasgow and studied at Glasgow School of Art, specialising in Drawing and Painting.  She graduated in 1967 then took a Post Diploma.  She then taught art in Glasgow but in 1975 she and her husband moved to mid-Argyll where she continued to live and work. 

Gillian Goodheir's paintings reflect her surroundings, the ever-changing weather and light in the west of Scotland but also the south of France where she spent time, when she could.  As well as landscape she excelled in Still Life, combining flowers, textiles and decorative objects. Her preferred medium of gouache, she handled in a fluid spontaneous style, capturing light and colour. 

Her work is in collections throughout the U.K. (including the Permanent Collection of the Palace of Westminster) as well as in the U.S.A., Canada, Hong-Kong, Holland, France and New Zealand. 

Gillian sadly died in 2022. She is very much missed.

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