Emma S.Davis RSW PAI

Emma S.Davis RSW PAI

EMMA DAVIS studied contemporary art and painting for four years at the Glasgow School of Art and graduated in 1998 with a sell-out Degree Show, sales included pages from her sketchbook.

From the time of graduating to today she has been working full time as an artist. Emma’s diary is filled with exhibitions and commissions from collectors worldwide. She has received many awards over the years including House for an Art Lover Award, Sir William Gilles Award, Miller’s Creativity Award and the Glasgow Art Club Award to name but a few. 

She was the youngest ever winner of The Alexander Graham Munro Travel Award, which took her on an extensive tour of Italy in 2000.  At the age of 23 she was also one of the youngest artists to receive the RSW diploma which she received from the Queen. A few years later she was also one of the youngest artists to receive the Paisley Art Institute diploma.

Emma’s vibrant and distinctive mixed media paintings on gesso panels demonstrate a strong emotional connection with her subject. Her unique technique of weaving of paint, light, colour and mood onto textured surfaces result in a highly personal and often thought-provoking interpretation of special places or times. Her subject is mainly Scottish landscape and still life.

I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. With parents that are artists I admired their creativity from a very young age and dreamt that one day I could be as good as them. I would draw every single day and went nowhere without a sketch book.I remember as a child visiting big galleries and museums and just being in awe of everything that I saw. It was no surprise that my only goal through my school years was to go on to the Glasgow School of Art to study drawing and painting and have the privilege of working in the MacIntosh studios.Luckily in 1994 that dream became a reality as I was accepted in to the GSA. I graduated in 1998 and have been lucky enough to be painting full time ever since. Gallery commitments and commissions have kept me busy since graduating and every day I am grateful that I actually get to do what I love.Now married with 2 little girls my studio is now filled with the dirty little hands that my parents had too.

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