Stephen M.Redpath

Stephen M.Redpath

Stephen M.Redpath, artistSTEPHEN M.REDPATH lives in Tarland, Aberdeenshire. He grew up in rural Pembrokeshire, Wales, where his parents were craftsmen who ran a woollen mill. Steve's idyllic childhood was spent largely exploring the natural world, and this ultimately led him to study for a degree in ecology and subsequently a career studying wildlife and landscape at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology and the University of Aberdeen.

Despite working in science, Steve never lost his passion for art, and over the years, he worked with a variety of artists on several projects exploring the boundaries between the disciplines. Recently he took early retirement from the university and can now finally focus on his painting. 

“I paint to capture light and the essence of landscapes. Mostly, I work in watercolour because I love its luminosity, its immediacy and its unpredictability. I rely extensively on my experiences working in a variety of landscapes. My work builds on direct observation in the field, but I also draw heavily on memories, feelings and an emotional response to the natural world. I love to work in that area between representation and abstract and I strive for those exhilarating moments where the landscape and my emotional response become interwoven in the painting.”

Steve's paintings have already attracted interest. ”They are at once so confident and free, and, quite often, simply beautiful, in a spontaneous, almost breathtaking way.”  Julian Spalding, Art Curator and Writer, former Director of Glasgow Art Galleries and Museums

STEPHEN M.REDPATH's first Solo Exhibition will run at Tolquhon Gallery from 5 to 26 September, 2020.

watercolour on acid free board, beeswax varnish

42 x 48 cm

53 x 59 cm framed

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