Alison McWhirter

Alison McWhirter

ALISON McWHIRTER was born in Scotland. She studied at Bath Academy, gaining a BA in Fine Art in 1998 then continued her studies to gain a Postgraduate MA in Visual Culture in 2000. Graduates of the Bath Academy of Art include renowned colourist Howard Hodgkin.

After establishing a career in publishing, as well as teaching art, she returned to Scotland to pursue her career as a painter.

Her studies of flowers are intimate compositions with vibrancy of colour and loose bold brushwork. Her paintings are instinctive responses to her subject, often mixing paint directly on the canvas, so creating a sense of spontaneity which characterises all her work. She has been dubbed a new Scottish Colourist, an apt description.

Alison McWhirter’s instantly recognisable work is held in private collections throughout the UK and she has shown internationally, at New York Art Fair and Hong Kong Art Fair, selling out in NYC. 

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