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 Ian Rendall

Ian RendallIAN RENDALL was born in Aberdeen in 1967. He has a passion for wildlife, particularly birds. He has been an ornithologist since childhood and he has been a licensed bird-ringer for 30 years. He knows his subjects intimately and was the tern warden at the Sands of Forvie National Nature Reserve in Aberdeenshire for a number of years.

He is a largely self-taught artist but completed a 2-year Higher National Diploma in wildlife illustration at Carmarthenshire College of Technology and Art in South Wales in the mid nineties.

Ian lived on the North Kent coast for 15 years until returning to Scotland in 2018. He now lives with his young family in Banchory and paints full time. 

He paints mainly in watercolour and he believes that field work is an essential element in producing paintings as it gives invaluable knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

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