Donald Macdonald

Donald Macdonald

Donald MacDonald artistDONALD MACDONALD was born on the Isle of Lewis in 1976 and after a short time in the Scottish Infantry he moved to Aberdeen and gained a BA Hons degree in Fine Art. 

After living and painting in Denmark and Glasgow for several years he returned home to the Isle of Lewis where he is now based.

His work is held in various private collections in Denmark, Hong Kong, Israel and the USA and in 2009 he was one of only three Scottish artists to feature in the BP Portrait Award Exhibition.  He was also the Scottish representative for the Mead Johnson International Exhibition in Evansville, USA.

"My work is based around photorealism. I find it increasingly important not to limit my subject matter.  I find that I can push myself and my work much further by painting different subjects under different conditions.  I always strive for my work to remain fresh by developing it and constantly moving it forward.

I have a very keen interest in the contrasts between the deliberate nature of photorealism and the more accidental side of expressionism and how the two can work together on the same canvas.  How runs of paint can transform a technically photorealistic object.  It fascinates me how these opposites can create something 'else', something new.  I think it is very important for my work to create emotion and 'feeling' for the viewer, to be able to work on different levels and not just the visual.

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