Kenna Crawford

Kenna Crawford

KENNA CRAWFORD expresses her concern for the environment through her work.

1959 Born in Edinburgh

1978-82 Attended Edinburgh College of Art

1982 Awarded BA Honours (1st Class) 1982 Awarded the Sir Robert Kirk Inches Bursary Scholarship

1982 Awarded the Andrew Grant Bequest Scholarship

1982-3 Post Graduate Studies at Edinburgh Collage of Art

1983 Awarded Post Graduate Distinction in Print Making

1984-7 Self employed Jeweller/Carver

1987-88 Travelled/Studied Carving in New Zealand

1991 Elected Member of S.A.A.C

1992 Elected Council Member of S.A.A.C

1994 Awarded the Lily McDougal Award

1994 Awarded the Premier One (Tree Services) Ltd purchase prize

1994 Awarded the Roger Billcliffe Fine Art Applied Art Award

1994 Vice-president of the S.A.A.C

1995 Awarded the Open Eye Gallery Applied Art Award

2014 Currently working and living in the Scottish Borders

Artist's Statement

Most of my recent collection of work is a response to the ever growing threat of the melting Arctic ice and the subsequent problems that the numerous creatures are facing that live in this vast and beautiful region of the world. The melting ice and the changes that are happening are now fact not fiction, and we as a species are once again responsible for many of those changes.

As an avid conservationist I use my work as a platform with which to draw attention to the real threats facing this planet and to the creatures that share this ever diminishing world in which we all live. The rapid changes affecting this region of the planet are very real and very frightening. The ice melting will allow oil exploration in this still pristine environment and the subsequent rush for minerals and wealth will destroy one of the world’s last great wildernesses. The numerous animals, birds and marine life that inhabit this region are all under threat. While a few will inevitably benefit from these changes, most will not. Their struggle for survival is the reason I have produced these works.

The delicate web of all life in this region is incredibly sensitive to small changes in water temperature, to pollution and to the encroachment of man. For example, the Arctic polar bear relies on the ice sheets from which to hunt its prey of seal and walrus; with the sea ice rapidly disappearing these creatures cannot hunt and therefore will find it increasingly difficult to survive. These works reflect my concerns about these changes and my deep fears for the wildlife that inhabit this fragile corner of the globe. Over fishing in the world’s oceans is another subject that I feel passionate about. A number of my works reflect this problem.

I use numerous different mediums including painting, carved plaster, wood, bone and ivory substitute. The plaster is cast in blocks and then carved as it would from wood or stone. I then use various techniques to colour and age the plaster. The framing is an integral part of each piece and cannot be separated. The frames are all handmade and most are very much part of the final piece.

Sterling silver, fine silver and 9 carat gold 

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Sterling silver, 9 carat gold and freshwater pearl

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