11th November through the winter months

Christmas is coming and we are delighted to present a lively collection of paintings, original prints, sculpture and studio crafts in our annual Christmas Exhibition.

Artists taking part include Emma Butler-Cole Aiken, Ann Armstrong, Jane Charles, Mairi Clark, Ann Cowan, Andy Cross, Marion Drummond, Sue Dunne, Moira Ferrier RSW, Peter Foyle, Madeleine Hand, Garry Harper, James Harrigan, Wendy Houston, Aliisa Hyslop, Frances Innes, David Johnston RSW, Jim Livingstone, DK MacLeod, Charles MacQueen RSW RGI, Robert Mach, Mhairi McGregor RSW, Lucy Newton, Kathryn O’Kell, Ann Ross RSW, Patricia Sadler, Tom Shanks RSW RGI PAI, Anne Skinner, Val Thomson, Jane Walker, Kenny Woods, Christine Woodside RSW RGI and Jim Wylie.

New pieces will be added from time to time as they arrive. Free delivery throughout the UK. 

Items 1 to 12 of 145 in total