12th November through the winter months

So often people are longing for Spring. But winter has its joys too. We always have a marvellous collection of work in the gallery throughout the winter months. Lots to see if dreich days are getting you down.

Artists include Emma Butler-Cole Aiken, Catriona Campbell, Janet Cleghorn, Tim Cockburn, Ann Cowan, Andy Cross, Marion Drummond, Sue Dunne, Moira Ferrier RSW, James Fraser RSW, Claire Harkess RSW, Garry Harper, James Harrigan, Aliisa Hyslop, Jim Livingstone, Robert Mach, Charles MacQueen RSW RGI, Mhairi McGregor RSW, Fiona Millar, Illona Morrice, Donald Murray, Hazel Nagl RSW RGI PAI, Rob Newton, Kathryn O’Kell, Miranda Peckitt, Stephen M.Redpath, Ann Ross RSW, Danny Ross, Patricia Sadler, Nicole Stevenson, Marion Thomson, Kenny Woods, Christine Woodside RSW RGI and Jim Wylie. 

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