Katy Spong

KATY SPONG was born in Uganda and grew up in East Africa. She obtained a first class BA honours degree with qualified primary teacher status in art from the University of the West of England in 1999. Katy has drawn inspiration for her work from landscape and nature. She moved to the Scottish Highlands in 1999 and found that this unique environment allowed further exploration of these themes as subject matter for her paintings. There were aspects of this landscape, in particular the sense of wilderness and of space, that are reminiscent of the parts of Africa where she grew up. These parallels have been seen to influence her early work. Her recent paintings and monoprints are an exploration of a new place. Experimenting with monoprinting, collage and abstraction has helped to develop her new work. Having moved to the West coast of Scotland her environment changed. Living by the sea and overlooking farmland contrasted with the forests on South Loch Ness where her early work developed. These contemporary paintings explore the theme of movement and change in activity within the setting of Cuil Bay. This is particularly revealed in the birdlife of the bay. Katy attempts to select and structure the unique moments that nature reveals.  In April 2010, she was shortlisted for wildlife artist of the year (DSWAY Art for Survival Exhibition at Mall Gallery, London). Katy's work features in numerous private collections.

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