Sam MacDonald

SAM MacDONALD is a Marine Wildlife Sculptor. He grew up on the Isle of Lewis and now lives in Perthshire. Before moving to Perthshire he lived for 19 years on Orkney. This enabled his love of fishing, diving and the sea to combine with his developing skills in metalwork. He studied Silversmithing and Metalwork at Camberwell College of Art, London. Working with age old metal work techniques, he produces unique contemporary work. He aims to observe and capture fleeting moments of nature, from the calm and tension before a trout strikes to the pure excitements of the sudden, synchronised turn of a mass herring shoal. The result is the expression of an emotional response to something very private, a moment shared between human and nature, suggesting a balance and a suspension, using the brooding colours of the background to saturate the work with a contemplative stillness.He enjoys the decorative aspect of metal and seeks to balance shapes and colours, being influenced by simplicity to invoke a contemplative feeling. Developing concepts on composition, he creates pieces with larger areas of plain sheet metal and patination in blocks so the viewer can respond emotionally to the base metal.Sam has exhibited widely and his work is in strong demand.

150 x 150 cm

pewter, gold leaf and copper

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